Digital Marketing

Bring your dream customers to your website

Magic. Science. Results.

At PB+J we boost your business revenue with digital campaigns that wow your target audience. Our team of copywriting, design, and marketing strategy experts work together to use Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest to get your message in front of the right people. Before converting them into paying customers. 

Don’t believe us? This campaign achieved a 55x return on investment for Ed Hopkins PR, making them a whopping $1m! Hit play to see what they have to say about the campaign’s success in this video.

Google Ads

Getting Google Ads right can be difficult if you don’t have the know-how. You could end up competing for expensive keywords and wasting money if you’re not careful. 

Our strategy experts know exactly how to make the most of this amazing platform to make sure your dream customers find you in those key moments

So let us take care of the Google beast, and make sure it works for you when you need it most.

Social Media Marketing

Going viral on social media is about science, not magic. With the right knowledge, you can get a great return on investment from Social Media Advertising, even with smaller budgets. 

How does it work? Our experts work hard getting to know your ideal customer and learning what will make them “stop the scroll”. Using their creative flair they create highly-shareable content for them that not only gains you new followers, but increases your web traffic. Bringing new customers to your site who are ready to click that all important ‘buy now’ button.

So now you see. Why not let us take care of the science while you sit back, have a cup of tea/glass of wine/slice of cake and enjoy the results!

Want to flood your website with traffic? We do too! Let us help you.