Present your best self

Sell at every opportunity

The words on your website don’t just tell people about your business. Every word is an opportunity to make a connection, build trust, and most importantly, make a sale. And at PB+J we believe that no opportunity to boost your business should be wasted!

By investing in the right words to sit amongst your new website design or digital marketing campaign you not only drive immediate sales, but build your brand image for long-term success. You make readers feel as if you have created your service just for them. And you persuade them to take that final leap of faith and click ‘buy now’.

Not to mention, by employing our expert professional writers you gain valuable time back to focus on what you’re best at – running your business! And you avoid those dreaded rogue typos or grammatical errors that can affect your authority and erode customers’ trust in your offer.

How does it work?

We work with you to find the words that create an instant connection between you and your customer. We build trust in your credibility by presenting your story and stand-out offer in a way that draws people in, rather than being too ‘salesy’. As a result, you convince anyone who lands on your site that no other service will do for them but yours.

What’s more, as an agency we’re able to collaborate to create copy that perfectly complements your web design, blog, social media post, and more. We work together to expertly guide browsers through the sales funnel, clicking the next link, and the next, until they click that all-important ‘buy now’ button. Converting casual browsers into paying customers.

What do we offer?

Website Copy

Represent your business perfectly and make more sales with our comprehensive website copywriting service.

Social Media Captions

Stop the scroll with captions that capture attention. For eye-catching posts and high-converting pay-per-click ad campaigns.

Blogs & Articles

Keep your website relevant, your customers engaged, and draw in new business with our regular blog writing service.

Case Studies

Use your past success stories to make future sales, with our trust-boosting interview-based case study service.

Looking for something else?

We also do newsletters, email sequences, sales pages, brochures and more on request.. Simply get in touch and let us know how we can boost your project’s success with copy that converts.

Optimised copy as standard

Well-written, keyword-rich website copy has a big impact on your SEO ranking ability. That’s why we believe that good web copy is optimised copy. And because we don’t believe in providing you with anything less than the best, all our website and blog copy is Search Engine Optimised as standard. 

By investing in our SEO copywriting you give your website a better chance of ranking in Google’s search pages. So when your dream customers are looking for what you offer, you’re right there in front of them.

And the help doesn’t end once your website is finished. We offer ongoing content refreshment in the form of our monthly SEO Support subscription, so you can stay on top of keyword trends and keep reaching those new customers.

Stand out with copy that converts at every opportunity.