Branding Cornwall


Your business your way

consistent. engaging. you.

Your brand is how the world perceives your business. Making sure that that brand is sending out the right message and the same message across all platforms is a fine art!

With thousands of fonts and millions of colours to choose from – where do you start?! 

That is where PB+J comes in. We can work with you, to hone in on the core values of your business, establish your personal brand archetype and create a stylesheet that you can refer to for all marketing assets that you create for your business.   

This way your customers will see YOU, as you want to be seen!

Graphic DEsign

With access to the full Adobe suite, we can create all manner of imagery, logos and icons to suit your brand. 

Whether you have ideas as to what you are looking for, but don’t know how to put them into a digital format, or if there isn’t a creative bone in your body and you need someone to visually bring your business to life…

PB+J can help!  

Which brand archetype do you feel best represents your business?

Does your business need some branding?