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Founder & Chief Geek

Jessica is our founding director and set up the business back in 2019 She is a web designer/developer and digital specialist, with a background in International Sales & Marketing bringing a fresh perspective to digital marketing and web design for her clients.

A creative thinker and problem solver, Jessica enjoys working with clients to create unique solutions that achieve their business goals. Her attention to detail ensures that all projects are executed flawlessly, on time and within budget.

When she’s not busy building websites or helping clients achieve their online goals, Jessica loves spending time with her family and exploring new places.


Elementor Mastermind

Suzannah designs and manages Elementor WordPress websites for multiple industries and also has over ten years’ experience in graphic design. From large scale events to rebrands and new product launches, Suzannah Leigh can deliver a range of solutions which will give your brand/project the visual attention it needs.


Digital Marketing Magician

Emily is an ambitious individual with a strong dedication to professional excellence. She takes pride in her ability to provide excellent customer service and to produce the highest quality of work. With a drive to adapt to any situation, Emily is always ready to take on new challenges and make use of her experience in various fields.

In addition to being a confident communicator, Emily has a strong knowledge of the digital marketing landscape. She is currently completing her Bachelor’s degree in Business and Digital Marketing with Dual Accreditation: CMI and CIM, so she is well-versed in various marketing strategies such as SEO, email marketing, social media campaigns and content creation.


SEO Copywriting Connoisseur

Felicity is a multi-talented professional who has dedicated her career to telling stories, inspiring change and connecting with audiences. 

Felicity has seen first-hand the incredible impact that charities, arts and education organisations, and social enterprises can have on people’s lives. She wanted to use her skills to help increase their reach and steer consumer habits towards more sustainable products and services.

Felicity decided to combine her love of communication with these passions and values, so she trained as a copywriter and is proud to be a part of this world-changing work and strives to help others make the changes we all want to see with well-written words.


Tone of

Andy cut his teeth in music journalism for several years before turning to creative copywriting. Working in-house, agency-side and freelance, he’s spearheaded campaigns that have piqued the interest of global audiences and enticed even the pickiest online crawlers.

Helping both B2B and B2C businesses find their tone of voice, he’s passionate about helping brands stand out through words. However, Andy especially loves working on projects with a purpose; saving iconic venues, getting men talking about mental health or waxing lyrical about the perks of unplugging for a while – that’s his M.O.

When he’s not crafting snazzy straps, scripts and SEO long-form to satisfy robots and spellbind humans (the stuff that makes even the most well-prompted AI blush), he’s step-daddy to a small boy and even smaller tortoise.


Web Development Ninja

A designer turned developer, Charlie enjoys the challenge of translating beautiful ideas into functional code.

Whether it’s crafting stunning WordPress sites or diving into custom development projects, he’s got the skills to make it all happen. With a sharp eye for detail and a knack for problem-solving, Charlie’s digital creations are as smooth as they come.

When he’s not building awesome websites, you’ll find him fueling up on sushi and exploring new places.


Aesthetic Architect

Harriet has been a Graphic Designer for over 15 years, through digital and print Graphic design she helps business increase audience engagement and understanding whilst ensuring high quality, consistent visual brand identity.

Her experience collaborating with a wide range of professionals in Marketing, Engineering, Sales and Training has provided her with valuable understanding of how and why Graphic design is so important across all aspects of a business.

As a Graphic designer she has become a problem solver, gathering knowledge not only in the aesthetics of a project but how best to make a project efficient, have positive results and how to measure those results.

Harriet’s values for communication and collaborating with others are respect, integrity and authenticity, she goes the extra mile for businesses who share those same values.


SEO & Marketing Badass

Lyssa is a GIF-obsessed, marketing nerd.
She’s all about using Agile methodologies and data-driven marketing to drive real results, helping her clients level up.

She’s an SEO badass – it’s the perfect mixture of technical wizardry and carefully curated content that makes her totally geek out!

Lyssa wants to help brands discover their authentic selves, be brave, get in front of more of the right people – and say no to vanilla!

She’s on the Digital Skills Partnership for Cornwall and IoS board and is a 30 under 30 and Young Business Person of the Year alum.


Graphic Design Guru

Katie has been a graphic designer for over 15 years, working with an array of brands all over the world. She has refined her craft and built a sound understanding of what it takes to create effective, impactful design.

Her skillset perfectly aligns with her values, making her passionate about using the power of design to make a positive difference in people’s lives and the environment. Katie brings a well-established, strategy-led approach to every project she undertakes; immersing herself fully in order to create inspiring print and digital design that does your brilliant brand justice.

She’ll work closely with you to help communicate your purposeful messages and meaningfully connect with your audiences – creating positive change along the way.


Movie Maestro

Sam is a filmmaker with an entrepreneurial spirit. Sam grew up in Cornwall surrounded by family businesses and started making video content at the young age of 8.

He has worked with many clients over the years, from SMEs to some of the UK’s most prolific organisations. Sam’s passion for film-making and his success in promoting businesses through video content has resulted in his huge success over the past decade.

Sam continues to strive for excellence, creating bespoke videos that capture the essence of a business and its products or services. His work is renowned for its authenticity and creativity, focusing on developing relationships through storytelling and audience engagement.


Chief Snuggle Coordinator & Snore Technician

Louis is the office dog and he loves his job. He enjoys sleeping on his comfy bed under Jessica’s desk, and getting lots of cuddles from his colleagues. Louis also loves a good cheeky treat – but only if he’s been a very good boy!

He has also been known to chime in on a zoom call with a cheeky snore or three… 

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