Using Google Analytics for Your Digital Success

28th June 2024

PB+J is always eager to support businesses however we can. This month, we’re diving into the topic of Google Analytics and its potential to propel your business forward. Let’s explore how it can help your business thrive!

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What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a tool that helps website owners understand how people behave on their site by giving them easy-to-understand information. You can keep an eye on your website’s stats and make reports that suit your needs. It looks at both past and present data to help improve how your website works.
Google Analytics collects information from your website, such as how many people visit, what they look at, and if they sign up or buy something. It also tells you which pages are popular and gives details about who’s visiting, such as what kind of device they’re using.
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Importance of Google Analytics in Digital Marketing

Today, online marketing has changed how businesses and customers interact. With lots of different online platforms and campaigns, keeping track of sales and other important actions is really important but can be tricky. Google Analytics helps businesses keep track of these things, so they can see what’s working and what’s not on their website, and make it better.
Google Analytics (GA) helps you see how well your online marketing is working. For example, when people find your site through Google searches, blogs, ads, or social media, you know it is working well and should be continued.
It also shows how users behave on your site and how they move through it. As your website grows and changes, GA can spot where things are going well and where they might need fixing, helping you make smarter decisions to help your site grow.
Google Analytics guides data-driven decisions for your website, aiding marketers in making informed choices. For example, if a specific webpage is causing a significant drop in sales, you can make necessary changes to improve sales rates.
Showing the transition from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4

Google's Urgent Reminder!

Beginning July 1, 2024, access to Universal Analytics data will be discontinued across all platforms, including the interface, API, and product integrations such as Google Ads and Search Ads 360. To avoid disruptions, it is crucial to migrate to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) as soon as possible. You can initiate this process by visiting the Setup Assistant. Additionally, to ensure you retain your historical data, make sure to download it before the cut-off date.

At PB+J Web Design, we love Google Analytics! We know it can be challenging to understand what your analytics are trying to tell you, but we make your data easy to digest.
We will analyse and report on your website analytics, offering recommendations and helping you to execute the necessary changes in a fully optimised way for improved website performance and increased sales.
Google Analytics is the key to making smarter marketing decisions which will help to boost brand visibility, website traffic, and encourage user’s to take desired actions on your site.

Do you need help with your analytics reporting?

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Unleash your business’s potential with our Google Analytics support!

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