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Lottie Loves Looe

Blossoming Online with a Bespoke E-commerce Solution
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The Brief

Lottie Loves, a delightful boutique nestled in Looe, Cornwall, was brimming with beautiful clothing, but lacked a digital presence to showcase their offerings. Owner Charlotte, passionate about fashion, wanted to connect with customers beyond the charming brick-and-mortar store.

Lottie Loves existed solely as a physical store, limiting their reach and growth potential. They lacked a website to showcase their curated collection, connect with online customers, and offer the convenience of e-commerce. Charlotte needed a solution that streamlined operations and provided exceptional customer service.

The Result

We understood Charlotte’s vision and the unique needs of a boutique like Lottie Loves. We proposed developing a custom website using WordPress and WooCommerce, seamlessly integrated with Epos Now and the Slynk add-on. Here’s how this solution addressed their needs:

WordPress & WooCommerce: We built a user-friendly website featuring a beautiful, mobile-responsive design that perfectly reflects the essence of Lottie Loves. WooCommerce, a powerful e-commerce platform, allows Charlotte to effortlessly manage her online store and showcase her stunning collection.
Seamless Integration with Epos Now & Slynk: Epos Now’s intuitive interface simplifies daily tasks like managing inventory, processing orders, and taking payments. The Slynk integration ensures real-time synchronization between Lottie Loves’ online store and physical stock, eliminating the risk of overselling.
The new e-commerce platform has transformed Lottie Loves’ business:

A Digital Destination: Lottie Loves now has a beautiful online storefront that attracts new customers and allows them to browse and purchase clothing at their convenience. Streamlined Operations: The integration with Epos Now simplifies inventory management and sales processing, freeing up Charlotte’s time to focus on what she loves – curating the perfect collection. Exceptional Customer Service: With an efficient e-commerce platform and a focus on personalized attention, Lottie Loves can now deliver a seamless shopping experience, both online and in-store.

This case study demonstrates how a custom e-commerce solution can empower a charming boutique like Lottie Loves to flourish online. With a user-friendly website, robust e-commerce functionality, and seamless integration, Lottie Loves can now share their love of fashion with a wider audience and continue to blossom in the digital world.

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