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The Brief

After running numerous successful campaigns with us here at PB+J, Ed Hopkins PR returned to us to set up another campaign in the Summer of 2022. This time, the team were looking to promote Wipe Out Lakeside the obstacle course famous for its big red balls!

Ed Hopkins PR came to us with some fantastic video content, and were looking for a Facebook and Instagram campaign to raise awareness and boost ticket sales for this exciting new event. The brief was to optimise the content for maximum reach and engagement, with a focus on driving ticket sales.

Given our long-standing relationship, Ed Hopkins PR were confident we had the skills and expertise to ensure Wipe Out Lakeside achieved maximum reach. With this in mind, they asked us to create an effective and engaging Facebook and Instagram advertising campaign to reach their target audience!

We accepted the challenge and set out to create something special!

The Result

We created an effective Facebook and Instagram advertising campaign for Wipe Out Lakeside that was optimised to reach their target audience. We ran the campaign between May and September, which was the ideal time frame to reach potential ticket buyers and drive sales

The campaigns were successful in generating over 18 million impressions and 2 million engagements, and showing a massive increase in sales when increasing ad spend.

We also managed to drive relevant, engaged traffic to the website with over 160,000 clicks. Due to the setup of the booking system, we weren’t able to track the final conversions, but the increase in ticket sales proved that our campaigns were doing their job!

Overall, this campaign was an overwhelming success for Wipe Out Lakeside and Ed Hopkins PR, achieving all their desired results. Another successful partnership that drove big results!

The Review

We have been working with Jessica for many years now. Jessica provides us white label support on social media ads and more recently website design and builds. The results she receives are incredible and we’re so pleased to see how much her company has grown and the new services she can provide. We see Jessica as part of our team and enjoy working together.
Ed Hopkins – Ed Hopkins PR

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