What is LinkTree and why you don’t need it . . .

1st March 2021

Anyone who has used Instagram or Tik Tok lately has probably come across content creators who excitedly send you to their “link in bio!”. This is because these platforms do not allow you to link directly within posts.

This can be frustrating, as you will find that you will want to point people to different relevant content on your website depending on the post you have created. That is why LinkTree was created! 

Linktree allows Instagram users to follow just one link to access all of the links that the content creator wants you to see! Sounds great, right?

How LinkTree works

LinkTree creates a separate landing page for you, which shows the visitor buttons that link to the content you specify. 

So not only are you able to show links to your articles or content related to your post, but also to other relevant areas of your website, such as contact details, opening hours or menus. 

They offer a basic free version, but to access many of the features (including analytics and most customisation options) they charge a monthly fee.  

So why don't I recommend LinkTree?

LinkTree as a concept is great! So why don’t you need it?

Whenever somebody gets excited enough by your content to go through to search for your link in your bio, you know that they are interested in what you are saying. This is something to want to make sure you make the most of! 

So if they click on your LinkTree link guess who is capturing the links?

That’s right – LinkTree!

This is important, because more website traffic leads to more brand awareness and you want to be capturing that brand awareness as soon as somebody clicks on your link.

Also, unless you want to go down the paid route, you will find it difficult to get your branding translated across onto your LinkTree page – so you may find that people drop off, rather than clicking through your links.  

So what is the alternative?

It is clear that having a single link that offers up access to multiple links is an AWESOME idea, BUT you want to tap into that goldmine of website traffic for yourself, whilst keeping the continuation of your brand consistent throughout the process . . . how can we achieve that?

Create your own landing page within your own website!

Building your own landing page within your website (or having it built for you!) allows you to link to everything and anything you would like within your website. 

Whether these are links to articles that you have posted about, to your homepage or portfolio, to your menus or to your promotions – you can tailor this to be exactly what you need in YOUR branding style! 

Your visitor will stay on YOUR page adding to YOUR website traffic and YOUR brand awareness. 

You can even leave a little lead capture at the bottom, to let people sign up to your mailing list! 

Take a look at my “Links” page here for inspiration!

Do you need help setting up your links page?

We would be delighted to get it up and running for you and either teach you how to add new links, or keep these up to date for you! 

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