Increase engagement with Animation

11th January 2021

People spend very little time deciding whether to stay on a specific website or instead to click that back button and disappear forever.  Just 0.05 milliseconds on average, actually. So what can you do to get people to stick around? What would capture their attention and gain their interest to get them wanting to know more?

This is where animation can play a great role!

Whether it is just a simple animation to highlight some text, some movement within your page elements or a more complex animated video to explain your service, a little bit of movement on your page could really help to keep your visitor engaged and even point them in the right direction on your page.

Don’t get me wrong – you don’t want to go overboard with animation, otherwise you will give your visitor a headache and they will run for the hills.

Keep it simple and elegant, with just one or two types of subtle animation and this could both decrease bounce rates and  increase your conversion rates!  

How could you use animation to keep YOUR audience engaged?

If you’re stuck for ideas, why not get in touch and we could brainstorm together! 

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