1 Year of content in 4 simple steps

3rd January 2021

So here we are again, at the beginning of the year, wondering how on earth we are going to come up with another year’s worth of social media content to keep our audiences engaged and interested… 

I used to waste hours of productive time mindlessly scrolling through social media trying to figure out what I wanted to talk about on any given day… but with this method, I now have a plan. I have a repertoire of topics to tap into and can take that previously wasted time and bring it back into my business!

So how would you like to plan out a whole year of social media content in just a few hours? This process is exactly what I am going to share with  you in this article – so stick around!

I know how busy you probably are, so I will get straight to the point… We will be looking at four steps to get you to a fully planned out year of engaging content.

Step 1 – Foundations

Every business is built on key foundations. This first step is to highlight your business’ key pillars and these are what we will base all of our content around.

Everyone will have different pillars, for example, my key pillars are web design, social media and branding, whereas someone selling physical products in an online shop might have products, manufacture and design.

Simply put, these pillars should all be something that you could talk about and your clients would want to hear about for hours on end.

Step 2 – What you enjoy talking about

Now we start brainstorming. Within each of these pillars, what topics do you feel you would enjoy talking about? This could be in any format, written as a blog, spoken in a podcast, or discuss in a video – whatever you feel most comfortable with. But most importantly these must be topics that you can discuss with in depth knowledge and passion, positioning you as an authority on the subject.

Write them down. As many as you can come up with.

Step 3 – What your ideal client wants to hear about

Now we need to step into the shoes of our ideal clients. What topics will “stop the scroll”, get them engaged in your content and eager to know more?

Again, write them down. You should start to find that there are a lot of crossovers between what you enjoy talking about and what your ideal clients want to hear… these topics are the ones you want to focus on.

Step 4 – Map it out!

So now you have a list of topics. If you have 4 pillars, you want to aim for 15 topics for each. With 3 pillars, you’d need 20 topics.

Before you know it, you have more than one topic per week to give you something to talk about, (that you enjoy talking about!) for every week throughout the year!

You can now either take these topics and slot them into the relevant weeks on your calendar, or decide to revert back to your list at the beginning of each week and decide which topic takes your fancy!

After creating your main content piece for that week, you can then use snippets from your main content to use for the rest of the week – go into more detail on a specific element, highlight a particular quote, bring in external articles that elaborate on the points you have made… the world is your oyster!

You will be happier, because you won’t be wasting hours on end trying to figure out what to post and you will be talking about things you’re passionate about. Your ideal clients will be happy, because they will be receiving content that is relevant to them. Win-win!

I guess the only question left is… what are you going to do with all of the time you’re going to have saved?!

Let’s start 2021 as we mean to go on!

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