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The Brief

The Prime Time Financial website was beginning to look a little dated, and so Peter got in touch for some help to bring it to life. Their target market is the older generation and therefore they were keen to ensure that the website was very simple to navigate, without any special effects or moving images. The team were also keen to be able to update the site themselves, as well as integrating an existing blog into the links.

The Result

Clean clear sectioning and navigation menus, as well as large simple fonts in well contrasting colours have made this website perfectly suited to Prime Time Financial’s target market. Simple images and icons also help to point potential clients in the right direction.

The Review

“Jessica did a great job understanding the requirement, and then putting together a well-organised plan to make it happen. She brought both design and technical skills to the new website and the whole process worked smoothly. It was a pleasure working with her.”
– Peter Lawrence, Partner – Prime Time Financial



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