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Jamie Medlin



The Brief

Jamie was looking to refresh his old slightly dated website, with a clean and crisp e-commerce website that provides a platform for his artwork to be displayed at its best. He put a big emphasis on the requirement for this new website design to be simple to navigate, optimised for mobile devices and geared towards lead generation. Jamie’s attention to detail in his paintings (no these are not photographs!) is beyond incredible, so the attention to detail in his new website had to match this to do it justice.

The Result

Crisp clean lines and large photographic sections have allowed Jamie’s artwork to shine through on this new website. Sans serif modern fonts and very slight drop shadows create clear sections on page and allow the artwork to do the talking. We have also made it very easy to purchase Jamie’s prints, with product links in both the shop and the artwork galleries.

The Review

“Jess is a local girl who just moved back to the homeland and I cannot recommend her enough. An absolute pleasure to work with and incredibly efficient and knowledgeable – this is her website if you need a new site built for you! With our current situation, an online presence is more important than ever – Jess can help – promise! Helpful, friendly, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, efficient and reliable – Jessica can help you! I don’t normally do plugs like this, but after her help recently I can’t recommend her highly enough.”
– Jamie Medlin, Jamie Medlin Marine Artist


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